Fill the Gaps & Have Permission to Pivot in Your Business.

This 21 lesson online course is meant to help you fill the gaps you've been missing, get in alignment with your goals, and know the best performing content and digital marketing strategies that I've learned from the leaders in the industry!
It takes expert focus, productive activities, and a solid plan for your business to grow. But here’s the thing, building a business is not a one size fits all approach.
With this program, you’ll take strategic actions to learn how to expand, grow and lead in your business. But most importantly, you’ll have support, and guidance to focus on your self-care as you build.
What you’ll receive in the Burn to Rise Program:
This 21 lesson course is a step by step action plan to know about:
Weekly Goals
Strategic Offers
The Latest
Action Steps
to Grow
Nurturing Your Mind
and Business
The gap with most group coaching programs and courses is that they are too generalized, and usually involve a 30-step process.

I don’t want you waiting 3, 6, 12 months to monetize your message. We will build the foundation and this 21 lesson course  (you'll get instant access to the videos allowing you to go at your own pace or complete the course in 21 days!) will help you cut to the chase when it comes to getting visible and offering your services.

It’s what got me in Two #1 Best Selling Books, Speaking Internationally Around the World, and consistently hitting 10k months with our content and digital marketing agency. Not everyone is ready to invest thousands nor should they if their base isn’t solid. This program provides the solid base.

It’s time to burn those limiting beliefs, blocks, and barriers in your business and rise up to commit to growth, love, and purpose in your business.

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Lisa Pezik is an excellent facilitator and a fantastic speaker. I’m always riveted by her storytelling, and her ability to connect with every single person in her presence. In the world of online marketing, where it’s sometimes hard to trust someone’s public persona, Lisa is an authentic breath of fresh air - she does the work she asks you to do! I’ve learned so much about my own fears around visibility and presence since attending Lisa’s events and feel much more comfortable including my story in my marketing because of her teaching.
Janet Whalen
Business Coach & Consultant for ambitious, entrepreneurial women

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